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Gain strategic vision

Stay one step ahead of the game working with a skilled expert who can help you build a cohesive technology plan. Shift from a reactive approach to one where you are in control with a clear vision of the future.

Technology Roadmapping

Technology moves quickly and it can be challenging knowing exactly what to focus on to ensure you have the right technical solutions to meet the needs of the business. And without a comprehensive strategy to remain proactive, technical debt starts to build up so that you only have time to put out one fire before the next one starts.

Sky Birch Consulting will help you build a plan for the future that allocates technology resources strategically while achieving your company’s goals sooner. Armed with an action plan to prioritize initiatives, eliminate technical debt, and remediate security gaps, you can shift from reactive to proactive technology management and stay ahead of the curve.


  • Align Business and Technology Goals

    Plan for the future by identifying goals and initiatives to drive the business forward

  • Create a Prioritized Roadmap

    Build a roadmap that allows you to start implementing high-value/low-effort projects and realize results within days, not months, while creating a plan to keep larger initiatives moving forward

  • Idenitfy Gaps

    Find and remediate existing weaknesses in your IT strategy before they become catastrophes

  • Shed Technical Debt

    Start paying off technical debt and shift from treading water under a reactive IT management model to proactively driving innovative technology change


Identify repetitive tasks such as user onboarding and report generation that needlessly waste your time and the time of your employees.

Free yourselves from tedious repetition through scripting and workflow automation so you can focus on driving the business.

  • Automate Onboarding & Offboarding

    Fully automate your onboarding and offboarding processes from user creation to group assignment and mailbox provisioning

  • Custom Scripting

    Reduce repetitive tasks by automating common workflows with PowerShell

  • Reduce Errors

    Eliminate human errors in key business processes that can lead to lost productivity or worse

Budgeting & Cost Analysis

Very few people love talking about software licensing, and even fewer people understand it. But it is important to assess your technology spend to ensure you have the right licensing and that money is not being needlessly wasted.

Let Sky Birch Consulting help you review your current licensing allocation to ensure you have the right license structure and that you don’t pay for the same service from multiple vendors. Identify the most efficient application of Microsoft licensing bundles and create a plan to take advantage of unused licensed features. Assess your technology and cloud vendor costs to identify avenues for cost reduction or elimination.

  • Optimize License Usage

    Leverage a trusted partner to help navigate the complicated licensing landscape and determine the correct license bundles needed by your organization

  • Reduce Costs

    Stop paying for services and added features you don't need and find the lowest cost options for those you do

  • Leverage Unused Benefits

    Take advantage of existing unused license benefits and capitalize on the full power of your current investments