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There's a whole new world waiting in the cloud

Your employees’ need to work productively and efficiently is no longer constrained to the office. Move to the cloud and experience unparalleled scalability with reduced management overhead.

Exchange Online

The most critical IT service for many organizations these days is email. However keeping your Exchange email service online and up-to-date can be a full-time job. Migrating to Exchange Online can remove those tasks from your plate, allowing you to focus on improving your business.

Picking up your company’s most important service and moving it to the cloud without any downtime or data loss can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Leverage a partner with experience and a proven process for a smooth transition, and start taking advantage of everything Exchange Online has to offer.

  • Migrate to Exchange Online

    Managed mailbox migrations to ensure a seamless transition to Exchange Online

  • Configure Exchange Hybrid

    Hybrid Exchange setup with rich coexistence between cloud and any number of on-premises Exchange organizations

  • Deploy Azure AD Connect

    Azure AD Connect synchronization including custom sync rules and multi-forest scenarios

  • Configure Rules and Policies

    Migration of policies, journaling options, mail flow rules and more!

Email Hygiene and Security

Most hacked companies you hear about in the news were initially compromised with a single phishing email that allowed attackers to get a foothold in the network. Now more than ever, it is vital to stop phishing emails before they reach your inbox.

Additionally, how many countless hours of productivity are lost filtering through spam emails?

Let Sky Birch Consulting review your email hygiene strategy and ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your network from these threats and keeping your employees productive and secure.

  • Manage Spam and Phishing Rules

    Review current environment and validate that your spam and phishing filters are configured according to best practices or identify gaps for improvement

  • Prevent Malware and Attacks

    Build policies to stop malware and phishing attacks with Defender for Office 365 and custom mail flow rules

  • Configure Email Authentication

    Ensure your organization’s emails reach their intended targets using SPF and DKIM email signing

  • Enable Domain Usage Reporting

    Report on mail domain usage and strengthen sender authentication with DMARC

  • Security Training

    Run phishing and attack simulations to help train your employees to spot suspicious emails

Microsoft Azure

Whether you are looking to lift-and-shift your entire server room to the cloud, or are just getting familiar with it, Microsoft Azure has a wide variety of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) options to suit your needs.

Sky Birch Consulting can help you discover everything Azure has to offer, allowing you to run your critical business services in the cloud with high availability and simplified management, or just extend your existing network with a hybrid cloud setup. Easily bring new services online to go-to-market faster, or add a cloud-based DR replica of your data center.

With Azure you can finally stop managing your data center and focus on managing your business.

  • Migrate to Azure

    Migrate or extend on premises workloads to Azure easily and with minimal downtime

  • Optimize Cloud Spending

    Reduce data center operational and management costs and optimize cloud spending with reserved instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit

  • Scale Cloud Resources

    Rapidly expand and deploy new services for better business agility and identify opportunities to scale your infrastructure on-demand, or pause spending for resources when they are not in use

  • Migrate to Azure Files

    Move bulky file shares to Azure Files and drastically reduce on-premises SAN usage while adding versioning and built-in ransomware protection

Microsoft 365

Unleash the power of cloud-based productivity with Microsoft 365. Collaborate like never before with Teams and give your employees the power to keep all of their important documents safe from ransomware and accessible from anywhere with OneDrive. Bring your partners and customers into your Microsoft 365 cloud tenant as guests and expand your collaboration capabilities even further.
  • Collaborate with Microsoft Teams

    Enable modern collaboration with Microsoft Teams including web conferencing, screen sharing, document co-authoring, and chat features

  • Upgrade to Microsoft 365 Apps

    Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps (formerly Office 365 ProPlus) to empower employees with the latest cloud features and add centralized update and policy management

  • Migrate to OneDrive

    Never need to restore a user document again with OneDrive, which provides cloud access, versioning, and ransomware protection

  • Add Azure AD Guest Access

    Extend your Office 365 environment to your customers and partners with Azure Active Directory business-to-business (Azure AD B2B)