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Limitless mobility, secured

As devices become smaller and internet access becomes ubiquitous, there is an increasing need to manage endpoint devices off of the company network. Create a secure mobile device strategy and enable productivity without borders.

Mobile Device Management​

Devices are getting smaller and increasingly more work is being performed while on the go. Build a modern mobile device and application management strategy that empowers your employees to work from anywhere without compromising security.

Sky Birch Consulting can help you build policies that let you manage all of your Windows, macOS, iOS/iPadOS, and Android devices from the cloud, powered by Intune.

  • Intune Device Enrollment

    Enroll your Windows 10, Apple iOS, and Android devices in Intune for centralized management

  • Migrate to Cloud Policies

    Convert your existing Group Policies to Intune configuration profiles and break the reliance on on-premises connectivity

  • Bring-Your-Own-Device

    Use mobile app management to allow secure access to company data without taking control over personal devices

  • Windows Update for Business

    Modernize your Windows Update strategy and easily control and monitor important security and feature patch deployments.

Windows Autopilot

Getting a new laptop ready for employees used to be a tedious and painful process. Either you spend hours manually installing and configuring software, or you need to manage a convoluted deployment solution which can be a full-time job. Instead, onboard your Windows 10 devices to Intune and Windows Autopilot and simplify the entire process.

Sky Birch Consulting can help you realize a new way to deploy and provision endpoints to your workforce with Autopilot. Imagine being able to deliver new laptops directly to employees, even at home or in the field, and have them automatically install all software and configuration settings on first logon. No LAN access or VPN necessary.

  • Automate Windows 10 Deployment

    Take advantage of Windows Autopilot to automatically customize Windows 10 devices to your specifications as soon as you take them out of the box

  • Pre-Provision Devices

    Add a white glove touch with pre-provisioning allowing you to hand off fully configured business-ready devices to VIP users

  • Onboard Existing Devices

    Add Windows Autopilot to your existing device lifecycle to enable one-touch device refresh scenarios

Device Security

As our devices become smaller and more powerful, the risk of losing them or having them stolen increases along with the risk of sensitive data becoming compromised. And as they become more mobile, we can no longer rely on traditional management methods to maintain control over device configuration and security.

Let Sky Birch Consulting help you add strong security and compliance policies to all of your mobile devices. Or migrate legacy Active Directory Group Policies to Intune policies to ensure they always apply to all of your devices anywhere they have an internet connection.

Now you can take comfort in knowing that all of your devices are compliant, and if a device is lost or stolen, you will know they are encrypted and password-protected. 


  • Apply Security Baselines

    Automatically apply recommended security policies and features with Intune security baselines

  • Windows Defender Antivirus

    Centrally manage Windows Defender Antivirus across your organization and add Defender for Endpoint capabilities for advanced threat analysis and mitigation

  • Device Compliance Policies

    Ensure your security settings such as encryption and malware protection remain in effect after deployment with Intune compliance policies and require device compliance when accessing email and other cloud resources