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On premises, in control

Your data center and IT infrastructure is still a key component in your technology strategy. Work with an experienced professional to keep it running smoothly.


It wasn’t that long ago that every server had a physical footprint in your data center, but today even the smallest organizations rely on virtual machines to power their networks.

But it takes an expert to properly build and design high availability clusters, manage virtual switches, and properly provision SAN storage. Whether your organization uses VMware ESXi or Hyper-V, let Sky Birch Consulting build, upgrade, or manage your virtual infrastructure so that you can have confidence that your VMs will keep on running.

  • Design & Build Virtual Clusters

    Build a robust virtual infrastructure with the right amount of compute, storage, and high-availability

  • Manage VMware & Hyper-V

    Review your high-availability configuration or perform in-depth troubleshooting of your virtual infrastructure to ensure your servers keep running smoothly

  • Hardware Upgrades

    Scale out your compute and storage resources to add capacity or replace aging hardware

Network Design & Management

Your server rooms and network closets have a lot of high tech equipment, but do you have someone with the knowledge and experience to manage all of it? Hiring a full-time employee for something that only changes a handful of times a year may not be the best investment.

Instead, let Sky Birch Consulting provide the expertise you need, when you need it. Keep your network secure and running smoothly without extra overhead.

  • Manage Firewalls, Switches, & Routers

    Work with an experienced advisor for managing your network infrastructure without needing to hire a full-time expert

  • Network Segmentation

    Ensure your network runs smoothly by properly segmenting your server, workstation, management, and DMZ VLANs

  • WAN Management

    Keep all of your branch offices connected efficiently and securely with site-to-site VPN and SD-WAN capabilities

Active Directory

Active Directory is the lifeblood of your infrastructure and ensuring it operates smoothly is essential to the uptime of your network. Problems in your domain can lead to users unable to log in, missing DNS records, or policy settings never getting applied.

Further, protecting Active Directory from attackers is vital to security as a compromised domain allows them unrestricted access to the entire network.

Sky Birch Consulting can even help to manage the most complex Active Directory environments including multi-forest organizations and domain migration projects.

  • Domain Health & Security Review

    Identify and resolve Active Directory health issues such as slow or inconsistent replication, broken Group Policy assignment, and poor security settings

  • Group Policy, DNS, & DHCP Management

    Work with an Active Directory veteran to keep your on-premises domain running smoothly

  • Domain Controller Upgrades

    Keep your domain controllers up to date to keep them secure with the latest available patches and to take advantage of the latest features such as Windows Hello for Business

  • Domain Consolidation and Migration

    Migrate domains to support mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures with minimal user impact

Backup and Disaster Recovery​

Every company knows they need backups. But how certain are you that your backup strategy will actually be effective when you need it?

Protect your company assets from disaster and threats by ensuring you never lose the ability to recover data.

Sky Birch Consulting can help you identify which data and services to protect as well as determining the right recovery point and time objectives (RPOs & RTOs) to meet the needs of the organization. Then work with you to enact a plan to meet and keep those objectives.

  • Backup Protection Strategy & Design

    Ensure your organizations critical data is backed up and protected from corruption, disaster, and threats such as ransomware

  • Disaster Recovery

    Enable rapid disaster recovery scenarios to quickly bring failed services online in response to disasters and site outages

  • Testing & Runbook Creation

    Ensure your backup and disaster recovery strategies and runbooks are operational before a disaster strikes and it's too late

Endpoint Management

You no longer have the time to manually configure every computer used by your employees. Work smarter, not harder, by centralizing your operating system, application, and policy deployment strategy.

Whether you have a tightly integrated SCCM environment or simply leverage Group Policy to manage your endpoints, Sky Birch Consulting can help ensure your endpoint management solution is working for you to keep your endpoints up to date with secure, consistent policies and that computer imaging takes minutes instead of hours.

  • Operating System Deployment

    Create a consistent desktop experience across your organization and reduce the total time spent deploying images with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, System Center Configuration Manager, or Windows Autopilot

  • Application Packaging & Publishing

    Package and automatically deploy applications to your endpoints or add employee self-servicing capabilities with Intune, SCCM, or Group Policy

  • Policy & Configuration Managment

    Create, manage, and deploy configuration policies to all of your laptops and other endpoints to apply all necessary settings faster and with less work