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A Better Approach to Technology Consulting

Sky Birch Consulting was founded in 2021 with one simple goal: to provide expert IT consulting services without the overhead or apathy of a large firm. As an operation of one, shedding the corporate bureaucracy of the firm allows me to be more nimble, efficient, and direct, without sacrificing expertise or execution ability.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, I bring over 20 years of experience providing consulting services to organizations from a wide range of industries. With a broad yet deep skill set covering daily infrastructure management, cloud & cross-platform migrations, security hardening, and strategic planning, my background as a manager at a large firm has given me the expertise needed to consistently and successfully drive projects from pre-sales to delivery.

Experience a new kind of bespoke IT consulting. Where you are directly in touch with the owner, architect, engineer, project manager, and sales team at all points of your strategy lifecycle.

It's about helping customers

I have always loved IT consulting. Since the beginning of my career it has given me great satisfaction to help customers solve challenges, build new solutions, and improve the perception of how the business views IT.

I firmly believe that great consulting means always considering the needs of the customers first and foremost, even if that means less billable work. My first manager taught me that if you're good enough to work yourself out of a job, you'll never lack work as a consultant.

No high-pressure sales

Nobody likes being sold to, yet sometimes you still need an advisor to help determine the best path forward for achieving your goals or to navigate the complicated labyrinth of vendor and license management

My approach is to empower you with the information needed to review all options and understand the benefits and drawbacks of every one before making your own decision.


Clear and open communication

Communication is such a critical component to technology delivery, yet is so frequently overlooked by those working in IT. Technology changes quickly. It is vital to properly communicate changes by setting accurate expectations, providing necessary information to help people seamlessly adapt, and allowing stakeholders to understand the both the need and benefit to your organization.

No matter how successful your implementation may be on paper, it will ultimately be doomed to failure without gaining the trust and understanding of the employees who are most affected by the transformation. Let Sky Birch Consulting help you turn fear of change into empowering your people.


Project management without project managers

Effectively tracking progress while clearly laying out risks is important to the successful completion of any project. But projects at many consulting firms are too frequently driven by project managers who lack the technical knowledge necessary to properly empower stakeholders with the information needed to make well informed decisions.

Sky Birch Consulting will ensure you always stay informed of project status and milestone targets. All without adding the unnecessary overhead of a middle-man simply delivering status reports from the engineer to you.


See how Sky Birch Consulting compares to ordinary consulting firms and decide for yourself

Typical Consulting Firm
Sky Birch Consulting
Expert advice from a single Principal Consultant with 18 years’ experience from scoping through execution
Prioritizes quality of work over volume
Your pre-sales engineer is your implementation engineer
No high pressure sales or cold calls
Always know exactly who you will be working with, no surprises
Never have an inexperienced junior engineer assigned to your project
Won’t bill will you for product research or learning on the job
Will try to sell you their managed services offerings

Still not sure?

Let’s talk! I am confident that once we have an opportunity to meet, you will understand why Sky Birch Consulting is the right IT consulting firm to help you conquer today’s technology challenges and achieve your business goals.