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Secure and ready

Keeping your data and infrastructure safe from breaches is paramount in today’s threat landscape. Make sure you’re properly protected with modern IT security measures.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Let’s face it, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is no longer optional when you have internet-facing services such as email and VPN. An attacker with a stolen or phished password can impersonate your users from halfway around the world without proper MFA controls in place.

Thankfully, adding MFA is much easier than ever. And with conditional access policies you can add granular controls such as limiting access to trusted devices, countries, or IP addresses. Sky Birch Consulting will help you build the right set of policies to keep your data secure and protected from attackers.

  • Deploy Multi-Factor Authentication

    Protect internet-facing services with MFA such as Office 365, VPN, remote desktop, and other SaaS web apps

  • Onboard Users & Devices

    Enroll employees and mobile devices to MFA with minimal interruption

  • Create Granular Access Controls

    Leverage conditional access policies to apply restrictions for logins from untrusted devices and locations

  • Self-Service Password Reset

    Add self-service password reset using the same MFA validation methods to empower users and reduce helpdesk calls

Windows Hello

Adding fingerprint and facial recognition made unlocking our smartphones and tablets much more convenient without compromising on security. But most people still need to enter a long and cumbersome password to unlock their laptop. Windows Hello for Business solves this by adding these same biometric authentication methods to Windows 10.

Sky Birch Consulting will help you plan and deploy Windows Hello for Business to your endpoints so that you can stop relying on passwords for authentication. Add FIDO2 security keys for enhanced security and to support shared devices such as conference room PCs. And once you have Windows Hello deployed everywhere, you can even get rid of passwords completely!

  • Add Biometrics to Windows

    Add fingerprint and facial recognition as login methods to Windows 10

  • Enhance Security with FIDO2

    Add physical FIDO2 security keys to support unlocking with USB and NFC key fobs

  • Go Completely Password Free

    Complete the final step to removing passwords and become immune to phishing and credential theft

Group Policy Hardening

Many network attackers rely on weak default settings in Windows to penetrate and move through your network. But if your systems are from this century, there is a good chance you can apply hardened policies to remove the inherent weaknesses and impede or prevent an attacker’s lateral movement and privilege escalation capabilities.

Sky Birch Consulting will help you identify which policies are necessary and which can be tightened, and deploy hardened policies to your servers and endpoints.

  • Apply Hardened Policies

    Compare existing policies to security baselines and deploy updated policies to lock down servers and endpoints

  • Prevent Lateral Movement

    Impede an attacker's ability to move freely through your network by closing down common security vulnerabilities

  • Prepare for Penetration Testing

    Hinder red team efforts to reduce the chances your penetration test ends in domain admin compromise

Microsoft Cloud App Security​

Does your IT department know about all of the cloud applications and services used across your organization? Are you certain the sales department didn’t upload your entire CRM database to a questionable overseas website?

Implement Microsoft Cloud App Security and let Sky Birch Consulting help you gain insight into all of the cloud services used within your company. Restrict or block access to unsanctioned applications, or simply report on them so that you can enact the proper data governance strategy to protect the business from data loss.

  • Discover Shadow IT

    Identify cloud services in use without the knowledge of IT so that you can apply proper security and backup controls

  • Apply Data Governance

    Create data governance policies to automatically report on or restrict prohibited actions within cloud services such as mass deletions or downloads

  • Configure Session Controls

    Add session policies to your all of your supported cloud services to monitor or restrict user behavior based on conditional access policies