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Remote access solutions for a modern workplace

Empowering your employees to work from anywhere is necessary to stay ahead of your competitors and ensure that productivity continues beyond the office door.

Virtual Desktop

Publish applications and desktops that allow your employees to work with all of your line-of-business applications from anywhere in the world.

Provide remote work capabilities from your data center with Citrix or Remote Desktop Services. Or untether employee productivity from on-premises with Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.

With Sky Birch Consulting, you can create a seamless, familiar work environment in the cloud. Employees can access company desktops and applications directly in a web browser, or streamed directly to their laptop or mobile device.

  • Build Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Rapidly deploy a new Windows Virtual Desktop environment and have your employees connecting to your company apps and desktops in no time

  • Seamlessly Publish Applications

    Publish all of your line-of-business applications to make them available from anywhere in the world

  • Protect Virtual Desktops with MFA

    Easily add security controls such as multi-factor authentication and location-based access to allow your employees in and keep attackers out

  • Profile and Policy Management

    Build group policies and add FSLogix profile management to ensure employees receive a consistent experience every time they sign in

Virtual Private Networking

Some day everything may be in the cloud, but until then your remote workers need access to your on-premises environments. Traditionally, this means they need to connect to the virtual private network (VPN) to access file shares and other internal applications and for you to provide remote support.

Sky Birch Consulting can help you deploy and support VPN solutions such as Palo Alto GlobalProtect, Cisco AnyConnect, and Fortinet FortiClient. Or leverage new capabilities in Windows 10 to support Always On VPN so that devices stay connected and managed, even before logon.

  • Add Secure VPN Access

    Give your employees and endpoints a secure connection into your on-premises and cloud networks to enable connectivity as if they are in the office

  • Integrate VPN with Security Analytics

    Leverage Microsoft Defender for Identity to add VPN accounting statistics to security analytics

  • Deploy Always On VPN

    Add Windows 10 Always On VPN capabilities to automate connectivity without user interaction and allow management even when employees are not logged in

Azure AD App Proxy

It used to be that if you wanted to provide access to your internal web-based line-of-business applications, employees would have to connect to your VPN (not user-friendly) or you would need to expose it to the public internet through the firewall (not very secure).

Let Sky Birch Consulting show you a much easier and more secure method for publishing your internal apps. Azure AD Application Proxy securely provides access from anywhere in the world without opening up holes in your firewall. It can even leverage your existing MFA solution and conditional access policies while adding single sign-on capabilities.

  • Deploy Azure AD App Proxy

    Provide remote access to web-based applications in your on-premises data center

  • Add Single Sign-On and MFA

    Simplify logons with single sign-on using domain credentials and add an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication when when accessing your on-premises applications remotely

  • Create a Centralized Application Portal

    Easily publish company applications from a centralized application portal